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Product Photography

Connect your customers to your product through powerful imagery.

We all purchase things to add to our lives in some way; seeing their use in actions helps us make that purchase. With my journalistic style we marry product and editorial photography to curate product centered imagery. Showing your products in use connects your customer with what they’re looking for. Showcasing people that look like your target consumer through curated imagery is the most powerful way to sell. 

Fashion Photography

Use strong images to highlight your fashion line.

All of the time and effort you’ve put into your clothing should be honored with imagery that captures the beauty, intricacy, and craftsmanship of your work. Through detailed processes not unlike yours, I curate gorgeous images that align with the aesthetic of the fashion you’ve created. The images of your work should be as bold as the work itself.

Portrait Photography

Powerful portraiture in any environment.

From studio to location, I work with my subjects to create moving imagery that captures the uniqueness of the person at the end of lens. Portrait work is the art of capturing the feeling of a person in a single moment that all at once informs to who they are and their potential..

Editorial Photography

What exactly is it?

This style of photography is based on the story the image tells. I have worked a long time in the commercial industry and have been classified as an editorial photographer. This style is what I use in a majority of my images; combined with beautiful images, stories are so much impactful. The way I capture images to tell a certain story is different to each style but is the basis of my aesthetic.

MY process is client focused

Curating your vision begins long before I pick up a camera. Using inspiration and storyboards your project is well thought out to maximize the power of every image or video. My process is all about you and your vision. Hear what some of my clients have had to say. 

"Rogers Machinery has been working with CJ Graglia on our video marketing campaign and I am truly blown away by his ability to tell a story through video.

He not only understands how to make a quality video, but is able to consult on the strategy behind it.

I definitely recommend having CJ as a partner on your video marketing campaigns! "
— Cameron M. Rogers Machinery Company, Inc., Marketing Manager

"CJ did an exceptional job putting together the advertisement video for our gaming store here in Bremerton. They took a vague concept that I had and created a work of art that truly shows off the store and gets our message across to our customers.

Every time I here a customer rave about the ad they saw running on the big screen in the movie theater I realize how great a job they did all over again!

Thanks for the great work! "
— Fred F. Blue Sky Hobbies

CJ images have taken my business to the next level. His quality of visuals and storytelling made communicating my message super simple and effective. Highly recommended service!
— Herbert S. CEO Sneaker Week PDX

"The whole production was extremely comforting and professional.

We felt like we were totally able to be ourselves; our ideas were heard and were used as contributions.

All in all I feel really good about what CJ is putting together for us."
— Matt C. Waking Things

“One of the best eyes in Portland!

Creates unlike any other with clear direction + masters the details.

CJ Graglia = Visual Mastermind!”
— Jonathon R. CEO Better Marketing

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